GH5 Housing Pre-Orders are OPEN!

We are stoked to announce that pre-orders are now open for our Panasonic Lumic GH5 housing.

Pre-orders receive almost $200 in free accessories.

Housings are anticipated to ship in early June.

We anticipate a strong demand for these housings, so be sure to join the queue early to receive one of the first housings fresh off the CNC machine.

The GH5 is going to be a popular camera amongst videographers, and provides some excellent specs for photographers. As such, you can piece together a housing setup that best suits your needs.

The base price for our GH5 housing is AUD$1700 + GST*.  The base price includes a housing shell, and then you have the opportunity to add grips and ports that best suits your requirements.

Total minimum cost is AUD$2050 + GST* for a Blast Grey housing, flat port & side handle.

Those who place a pre-order prior to 15 May 2017 will be rewarded with:

  • free custom paint (single colour),
  • a free wrist or bicep leash,
  • a free port cover, and
  • free t-shirt or hat.

A deposit of just AUD$500 + GST* is required to secure a pre-order spot. You will also be required to pay for your choice of grip(s), port(s) and custom colour (if selected). Meaning the minimum you will pay to pre-order is AUD$850 + GST* (housing, flat port & side handle only).

The balance of $1200 +GST* will be invoiced to you via email approximately 1 week prior to shipping your housing.

Total minimum pre-order cost is AUD$2050 + GST* for a housing & side handle.

Putting it simply:

Total Pre-Order BASE Price: AUD$1700 + GST* (Approx. US$1250)

Pay AUD$500 deposit + grip + port + paint + GST* now.

Then pay AUD$1200 + GST* + shipping 1 week prior to shipping.

*GST is only applicable to Australian Customers.

To ensure we have your required extra ports or accessories in stock when your housing is ready to ship please consider ordering them when pre-ordering your housing. We endeavour to keep all our products in stock, however you may need to wait up to 4 weeks for the next batch once a product is out of stock.

Pre-orders will close 15 May 2017. After which the normal pricing will come into effect.

Surface Finish Options

Our Blast Grey finish has proven popular with our Sony housings, so we have decided to offer it with our GH5 housings. This anodised finish provides superior corrosion protection to your housing, however cuts out the extra step of painting the housing, allowing us to pass on cost savings to you.

So why pay extra for paint?

(Well you don’t have to pay extra for a ‘Single Colour’ if you pre-order!)

Paint adds an extra layer of protection, as well as providing a means to customise the look of your housing. All painted housings are anodised, therefore have two means of corrosion protection.

Single Colour (Two-pack) provides an opportunity to paint your housing any single colour you wish. We can custom mix colours, or you can select from many of the previous examples. The paint is a durable two-pack solution, similar to the paint on your car.

Multi-Colour/Splatter (Two-pack) is our most exciting option. The splatter paint scheme has proven very popular for those looking for housing that stands out from the crowd. A two-tone fade is also possible. Or combine a two-tone fade and splatter!

Important Info

  • Pre-orders will close 15 May 2017. After which the normal pricing will come into effect.
  • Pre-orders are only refundable prior to 15 May 2017. Pre-order cancellations are subject to a $300 cancellation free.
  • If you select one of the paint options, you can change your mind on your paint scheme after pre-ordering as long as we haven’t painted your housing yet. We will email you prior to painting to confirm your colour choice.
  • If you pre-order a Blast Grey housing, you can only switch to a painted housing prior to 15 May 2017.


Pre-order now: