RED DSMC2 Housing


Water Housing for RED Raven, Scarlet-W, Epic-W & Weapon.

Next batch available late April 2018.

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SIDEKICK Control Panel

Provides full control for the RED Sidekick.


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Pictured in ‘Brushed Effect’ Paint, and fitted with the optional SIDEKICK Control Panel


  • CNC machined aluminium housing shell
  • Custom colour
  • CNC machined aluminium base plate and stainless mounting hardware
  • CNC machined aluminium dual handle video grips with ODI VANS grips (various colours available)
  • ‘STANDARD’ port acrylic faceplate
  • Housing care kit (silicone grease, spare wingnuts, Allen keys)


  • Front record button
  • Custom button 1
  • Custom button 2

An optional Sidekick control panel (pictured) is available for purchase separately, allowing full control of the camera settings and the side Power/Record button.


CNC machined from 6061 billet aluminium then anodised and painted. All buttons and hardware are 316 stainless steel, providing superior corrosion resistance.

Camera Configuration

Our RED housing is optimised for the following camera configuration:

However, the housing will also allow the fitment of selected V-lock batteries with the use of a Wooden Camera cableless v-lock module or the RED V-Lock Battery Module.

Measured from the back of the camera, the module and battery cannot extend rearward more than 92mm, and, measured from the top of the camera, cannot extend upward more than 20mm.

All the components mount neatly onto a custom aluminium base plate, with the Pogo cable allowing the monitor to be placed behind the battery providing a slim, lightweight and streamlined housing.

The Revolt XL battery can be changed without removing the camera from the baseplate. Simply slide out the baseplate from the housing, tilt the monitor forward, and swap the battery out.


Our RED DSMC2 housing ships with our ‘STANDARD’ port system, which suits lenses up to 105mm diameter, which includes most Canon SLR lenses.

We can custom build ports for almost any lens, including PL mount cinema glass.

Contact us for details on custom ports.

The front element in all our ports is user replaceable in less than 30 seconds by simply unscrewing the front locking ring and dropping in a replacement acrylic screen we offer for purchase.

So no more spending hours buffing scratched ports!



The housing ships with two side handle grips. These are CNC machined from the same aluminium the housing is built from, and offer a very comfortable ODI Vans BMX grip.

There are several grip mounting points provided on the housing, allowing users to setup the handles to suit their individual requirement. The grips can be positioned at various locations along the housing, in high-mode or low-mode, and/or offset from each other.

The grips are removable with an Allen key for easy transporting of the housing.


Depth Rating: 20m/66ft

Weight: Approx. 2.6kg (Housing only) /  Approx. 7.5kg (fully setup with camera and lens).


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Single Colour, Two-Tone and/or Splatter