Sony A9 Camera Housing

The Sony A9. What a beast in a tiny package.

Full frame, 20fps & fast autofocus in a compact body, what more can you ask for in a camera for surf photography?!

These specs put the A9 in direct competition with the Canon 1DXii and the Nikon D5 as a truly professional sports camera, and an ideal camera to use in the water. But just look at the size difference!



We will be offering two different housing options for the A9:

  • A9 Housing – a compact setup to suit the A9 body in its standard form
  • A9 BOOSTED Housing – to suit the A9 when fitted with the Sony VG-C3EM vertical battery grip.


The A9 BOOSTED housing will be the benchmark for professional shooters who want to maximise their time in the water. With the battery grip fitted, you will be able to swim for up to 6 hours without a battery change. The battery grip also assists with camera heat management, by locating the batteries outside of the camera body. This reduces the likelihood of the camera overheating.



Both A9 housings will ship with our MINI port system, designed for compact mirrorless lenses with an overall diameter up to 80mm. The MINI port system is very compact, yet is still compatible with lenses such as the Sony 16-35mm f4, and the Sony 70-200mm f4. The MINI port system will suit most photographers using the A9 with native Sony lenses.


For those shooters looking to use the larger G-Master lenses, as well as the new 12-24mm wide angle, can choose to upgrade to our STANDARD port system. The STANDARD port system is of larger diameter than the MINI port system, and allows the fitment of these bulkier, G-Master lenses.


Lenses requiring the STANDARD port system includes:

  • Sony 12-24mm F4 G (Dome Port – no zoom control)
  • Sony 16-35mm f2.8 GM (Zoom Port)
  • Sony 70-200mm f2.8 GM (Zoom Port)
  • Sony 85mm f1.4 GM (Flat Port)


It is possible to switch between the two port systems by simply swapping the acrylic faceplate to the appropriate system, so you can choose to upgrade (or downgrade) in the future if required.




Both our A9 housings have integrated controls for:

  • Top shutter (via side lever)
  • C1
  • C2
  • C3
  • MENU
  • Video Record
  • AF-On
  • AEL
  • Fn
  • Set/Enter
  • Playback
  • Trash/C4
  • Rear upper dial
  • Rear scroll wheel (with press for ISO)




Both A9 housings can be fitted with a pistol grip. We offer single-stage grips, and two-stage grips.


For more info on pistol grip options, and to determine what option is best for you, please have a read of our Pistol Grip FAQ blog post:

Pistol Grip FAQs


The A9 housing can be fitted with our standard side handle, which bolts to the mounting points on the bottom of the housing shell. The side handle may be used with or without a pistol grip.


The A9 BOOSTED housing ships with our PRO Side Handle included, as previously seen on our Canon 1DX housing and RED housings. The PRO Side Handle utilises integrated mounts on the side of the housing shell, along with an ODI Vans BMX grip. The handle may be removed if required.





Housing Price* – Single Colour Price* – Multi Colour
A9 AUD$1900 AUD$1950
A9 BOOSTED AUD$2200 AUD$2250

*Prices exclude GST



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