Camera Housing Rental

We now have housings available for rental!

We also offer Sony A6000, A6500, A9, Canon 70D and RED RAVEN cameras for rent to approved applicants, as well as lenses and housings accessories.

Rentals are based out of Wollongong, NSW, Australia.

International rentals are available.

Housing Camera Available Housing only rental (AUD ex GST) Housing + camera rental (AUD ex GST)
Sony A6000 YES $150/day $450/week $200/day $600/week
Sony A6000 Flash YES $160/day $480/week $230/day $690/week
Sony A6500 YES $170/day $510/week $250/day $750/week
Sony A9 (coming July 2017) YES $250/day $750/week $450/day $1350/week
Sony A9 with battery grip (coming July 2017) YES $300/day $900/week $550/day $1650/week
Panasonic GH5 NO $250/day $750/week
Canon 70D YES $200/day $600/week $250/day $750/week
Canon 5DMK4 NO $250/day $750/week
RED DSMC2 YES – RAVEN $500/day $1500/week $800/day $2400/week


Discounted rates apply for multi-week rental.

You can also rent cameras, lenses and housing accessories from us.


Contact for more details or to book in a rental.