Taking electronic equipment into a corrosive marine environment obviously comes with risk.

Under no circumstances is Salty Surf Housings responsible for any personal or third party injury, loss or damage to camera equipment, loss of income, or any costs incurred by users of our products.

Our product undergoes strict quality control screening and testing prior to shipping to our customers. However, it is highly recommended that all users perform their own testing of the product within the proposed use environment. Users must read and understand our instruction manuals prior to using our products with camera equipment fitted.

There is a margin for user error when using our product that may result in leaking if the user does not properly seal the housing.

Our products are designed and tested for shallow water and surface use only. They are not designed for diving or deep-water applications.

By accepting the terms of conditions when placing an order, you accepting the risk associated with the use of our products, and understand all of the above information.



Salty Surf Housings offers a 3-month warranty against defects & workmanship from the date of purchase. Salty Surf Housings’ liability shall not exceed the value of the item.

Our Warranty does not cover against:

  • Misuse of the product
  • Lack of care and maintenance
  • Use of the product beyond the rated conditions
  • Damage caused by dropping or excessive force

Salty Surf Housings is not responsible for shipping costs for warranty claims.


Rated Conditions

Our products are designed and tested for shallow water and surface use only, up to a maximum depth of 10m. They are not designed for diving or deep water applications.

Our products work best at depths to 5m, however may be taken to 10m deep for short intervals, no longer than 20 seconds.



  • Returns will only be accepted within 14 days of receipt of goods
  • Refunds will only be provided if the returned items are in as-new condition, and must not have been used or damaged in any way
  • A 10% restocking fee applies to all returned or exchanged
  • Proof of purchase is required
  • Returns are not accepted for custom housing orders
  • Deposits paid on custom housing orders are non-refundable
  • Pre-order deposits are only refundable up to 4 weeks prior to housing shipping, and not after custom paint (if any) and been applied.



Salty Surf Housings is not responsible for any import duties or taxes.

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