Colour & Paint Options

Life is boring when everything is the same. That’s why we offer multiple colour and paint options for your housing. Every housing is custom painted, so you get to choose the colour and/or paint scheme for your housing. Our housings sit unpainted until your order is placed to ensure that your choices are not limited.

A6500 housing in Multi-Colour “Galaxsea” splatter

Our Sony A6X00, Lumix GH5, and Canon 70D/80D housings also have the option for our ‘BLAST’ anodised finishes. These finishes not only look bad-ass, but allows us to provide a more affordable option for your housing. The ‘BLAST’ finish provides superior corrosion protection, however cuts out the extra step of painting the housing, allowing us to pass on cost savings to you.

So why paint your housing?

Paint adds an extra layer of protection, as well as providing a means to customise the look of your housing. All painted housings are also anodised, therefore have two means of corrosion protection.

Paint options:

Single Colour provides an opportunity to paint your housing any single colour you wish. We can custom mix colours, or you can select from many of the previous examples. The paint is a durable two-pack solution, similar to the paint on your car.

A6500 Housing in Single Colour “Blue Pearl” paint.

Multi-Colour is our most exciting option. The splatter paint scheme has proven very popular for those looking for housing that stands out from the crowd. A two-tone fade is also possible. Or combine a two-tone fade and splatter! We are now also offering our new Cross-Hatch Paint scheme.

GH5 Housing in Multi-Colour “Cross-Hatch” paint scheme

A6300 Housing in Multi-Colour “Splatter” paint.

Housing Blast Blue Blast Grey Single Colour Multi Colour
A6000 BASIC Y × × ×
A6000, A6300 & A6500 × Y Y Y
A6000/A6300 Flash × × Y Y
A7ii Series × × Y Y
70D/80D × Y Y Y
7DMK2 × × Y Y
5DMK3 × × Y Y
1DX × × Y Y
XT-2 × × Y Y

70D Housing in “BLAST GREY”