Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based?
We operate from a workshop in North Wollongong, NSW, Australia, about 1 hour south of Sydney.
What do you offer?

  • In stock, ready to ship housings and ports
  • Custom painted housings
  • Online store for easy ordering
  • Personal, Australian customer service
  • Australian designed and assembled product

How are your housings made?
Our housings are unique to most on the market as they are CNC machined from a single block of billet aluminium. This is a precision process that offers the ability to batch produce as well as create one-off items. The result is a lightweight, strong, smooth housing shell with no sharp edges. All control glands are integrated into the housing shell, reducing the chance of leaks. The first step in the manufacturing process is it to size up the camera and identify control locations. Our qualified engineer then begins the 3D design process. Using CAD software, a 3D model of the camera is created and then the housing shaped around it. Starting out as a block of aluminium weighing up to 10kg, the machining process utilises a series of drill bits & cutters to remove material from the block. The end result is a housing shell, weighing less than a kilogram. All the cut outs and grooves for the controls and o-ring seals are completed during this process as to eliminate the need to drill the housing shell at a later date. The housing shell is then sent off for anodising and painted to protect against salt water corrosion. The anodising provides electrochemical protection that is fully integrated into the surface, and the paint provides an extra layer of corrosion protection and a chance for you to personalise your housing. The housing is then fully assembled in our Wollongong workshop and tested prior to shipping.
What is the turn-around time for a housing order?

  • 5-7 days for Blast housings
  • 10-14 days for custom painted housings
  • 4-6 weeks for backorders
  • 6-8 weeks for custom housings

What port system do I use?
Refer to the Port System Compatibility table below: port system table - faq * with lenses < 80mm diameter ** with lenses < 110mm diameter
Can I run a mini port on my DLSR housing?
Yes. Simply purchase a ‘MINI’ port faceplate suitable for your housing. Using a ‘MINI’ port system on your DSLR housing will help to reduce the bulk and weight of your housing when using smaller diameter lenses. The ‘MINI’ port system accepts lenses up to 80mm in diameter. Refer to the Port System Compatibility table.
Can I run a ‘STANDARD’ port on my mirrorless housing?
No. To keep our mirrorless housings compact we specially designed our ‘MINI’ port system, as such they are not designed to fit a larger port diameter. Refer to the Port System Compatibility table.
You do not list a housing for my camera, can you make me one?

Yes we can, however building a custom housing takes time, and in some cases can be expensive. It’s usually not economical to build housings for entry level DSLR cameras. In these cases, it’s better for the photographer to upgrade their camera to be able to purchase one of our ‘off-the-shelf’ housings. The cost for a custom housing will usually exceed that of a camera upgrade & ‘off-the-shelf’ housing. In these cases will will kindly decline to build a housing.

We will happily build custom housings for professional level cameras, or unique camera setups.

If we don’t have access to your model of camera and lens(es) you may be required to send us yours to measure. Turn around time for custom housings is 6-8 weeks.

What is the process for a custom housing?
1. Get in touch, discuss your requirements. Choose your controls, ports, grips, and colours. 2. If we don’t have access to your model of camera and lens(es) you may be required to send us yours to measure. 3. Our engineer measures up the camera and uses CAD to design a 3D model of the housing. 4. The 3D model is then programmed into the CNC milling machine and the housing shell is created from a solid block of aluminium. 5. The shell is then anodised & painted before being assembled in our workshop in Wollongong. 6. The housing is tested and your camera installed to confirm correct fitment and control function. 7. The completed housing is then shipped fully insured to you anywhere in the world. 8. Go shoot!