Freefly Ember Housing


Water housing for Freefly EMBER.


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Colour Choice *

See ‘Paint’ section below for more information.

Grip Colour *

Monitor Back *

The ‘Compact’ allows for a shorter housing setup with no monitor – ideal for remote rigging situations, or for use with an external monitor. It is approximately 40mm shorter than using the Monitor Back.
The BM5WR Monitor Back has controls for the BM5 monitor. Note, the monitor is not included.


Can be mounted on top or bottom.
Provides additional 1/4-20 mounting points.


ND Control

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  • Housing shell
  • 2x Vans ODI Side Handles
  • S-System Port System

*BASE price does NOT include a mandatory back or port option. You cannot use the housing without at least one back and one port. The S-System is the port thread in the housing.


Camera Configuration

Our Freefly Ember housing is designed to work with following configurations:

  • Freefly Ember S5K camera
  • 1x FXLion Nano Three (or smaller) battery)
  • OPTIONAL: Portkeys BM5WR Monitor (with D-Tap to Lemo Cable)

The housing can be configured with either a ‘Dumb Back’ (no monitor) or with a back to suit the Portkeys BM5WR monitor.

The Compact Back allows for a 40mm shorter housing, ideal for compact remote rigged scenarios, or for use with an external monitor.

Note, the monitor is not included with the monitor back.



The housing has full physical control of the camera, including

  • ON/OFF Switch
  • MENU
  • Scroll Wheel

The BM5 monitor back also features controls for:

  • ON/OFF Switch
  • F1 Button
  • F2 Button
  • F3 Button
  • F4 Button
  • EXIT
  • MENU Dial

Option Kippertie REVOVLA EF-E ND Control


CNC machined from a single piece of billet aluminium then anodised and painted.

All buttons and hardware are 316 stainless steel, providing superior corrosion resistance.



The housing comes standard with two Vans ODI side handles included.



Our housings are painted in a highly durable two-pack paint. The paint not only provides additional corrosion protection to your housing, but also provides an opportunity to customise the look of your housing.

You get to choose your colour(s)! And the options are almost endless.

You can choose a color from here, or from our Instagram page (@saltysurfhousings)

Learn more about our paint finishes here.

Leave a note in checkout, or send us an email to let us know your color preference.



The EMBER housing comes with our ‘S-System’ port system, which is compatible with lenses up to 105mm diameter.

BASE price does NOT include a mandatory port option. You cannot use the housing without at least one port.

The EMBER housing also allows fitment of larger CINE lenses up to 115mm in diameter

Existing ports will work with the EMBER housing.

The front element in our ports is replaceable in less than 30 seconds by simply unscrewing the locking ring and dropping in a replacement acrylic screen we offer for purchase. So no more spending hours buffing scratched ports!




Housing only = approx. 4.8kg

With camera, monitor and battery = approx. 8kg


Depth Rating

20m / 66ft underwater