Fujifilm X-H2S BOOSTED Housing

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Surf & Underwater Camera Housing for Fujifilm X-H2S. Salty Surf Boosted Water Housings offer compatibility with an external V-lock battery.

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Note, side handles is included. A blanking plate is included, with the option to upgrade to a threaded plate for tripod mounting or add a pistol grip


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The Salty Surf X-H2S Boosted Water Housing is designed for the mirrorless Fujifilm X-H2S.

Our line of Boosted Water Housings offer compatibility with an external V-lock battery, offering extended time in the water.

This housing also features our newly designed arca-swiss compatible baseplate, allowing allowing you to manoeuvre from water housing to any arca-type tripod seamlessly.


  • Housing shell
  • Dual Handle Grips
  • ‘STANDARD’ port thread
  • Housing care kit (silicone grease & spare port base o-ring)


  • Top shutter button (via side lever)
  • Top Dial/Mode
  • WB
  • ISO
  • Exp.
  • Upper rear dial
  • On/off (via side lever)
  • Playback
  • AEL
  • AF ON
  • Right press on multi toggle
  • Q Menu
  • Directional arrows
  • Menu/ok
  • Trash
  • Disp/Back


Camera Configuration


Although the housing is optimised for this configuration, you can rig other batteries in the housing compartment.

Maximum dimensions for external battery (not allowing for any cabling) = 65mm depth – 43mm height – 170mm width


CNC machined from a single piece of billet aluminium then anodised and painted. All buttons and hardware are 316 stainless steel, providing superior corrosion resistance.

Being an aluminium housing it acts as a giant heat sink to assist in managing overheating of the camera compared with a plastic housing like our competitors.

The housing features 3 quick release clips for closure. The clips are a two stage opening to prevent accidental opening.

Arca-Swiss baseplate compatibility means you can mount to any Arca-Type tripod, offering a streamlined work flow from water to land.



The X-H2S housing utilises our ‘STANDARD’ port system which fits lenses up to 105mm diameter.

The front element in our ports is replaceable in less than 30 seconds by simply unscrewing the locking ring and dropping in a replacement acrylic screen we offer for purchase. So no more spending hours buffing scratched ports!

Note, our STANDARD port reference chart is not applicable to this housing when using EF lenses.

If you are using EF adapter lenses with a basic flat port, you will need to allow for the adapter in any length measurements.

For example, a Canon 24mm f1.4ii measures in at 87mm from the EF mount to the front of the lens.

The X-Mount-EF adapter adds 24mm to the length, so the total length is 111mm, so you would need the S-120 flat port.

However, when using the EF-X-Mount adapter, the housing is compatible with our zoom and focus control ports designed for our RED and BMPCC4K/6K housings. As they share the ALMOST same focal plane distance measurement. So if you already own one of our RED or BMPCC4K/6K housings, and have ports with focus and zoom control then they will work with the X-H2S housing, however you may need to reposition the lens gears slightly for correct alignment.

Note, cinema lenses with narrow fixed gear rings may not align.

For any questions about ports, please simply shoot me an email – matt@saltysurfhousings.com


Depth Rating

20m / 66ft underwater

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