Leak Detection System

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Vacuum Leak Detection System.

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We now have two different leak detection systems available!

  1. Basic Leak Detection System (only suitable for smaller housings i.e R5C)
  2. Premium Leak Detection System (suitable for all housings with a M16x1 bulkhead thread)

Both systems us a vacuum and light system to let you determine if your housing is properly sealed BEFORE you enter the water.

You can also monitor the system throughout your session to ensure there has not been a leak during you swim.

The Basic Leak Detection System only has a manual pump, so is only suitable for smaller housings.

It’s not impossible to use it on larger housings, however you will be there for 10-15 minutes pumping out the air before the system is pressurised.


Basic System Includes:

  • Manual Pump
  • Kraken Leak Detection System with M16x1 Bulkhead


Premium System Includes:

  • Electric Pump
  • Anglerfish Leak Detection System with M16x1 Bulkhead

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