RED KOMODO Underwater Housing Rental


RED KOMODO 6K underwater cinema camera housing for rent on your next production

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The RED KOMODO underwater housing is a compact yet powerful setup, allowing for R3D RAW recording.

The housing also allows topside/directors monitoring via waterproof SDI cabling up to 45m in length.



We also have the RED KOMODO camera and a variety of compatible lenses available for rent.

You can choose a full ready to shoot underwater package here.



  • Salty RED KOMODO underwater housing – (depth rated to 20m)
  • Shinobi SDI 5″ monitor
  • 2x Sony NPF-770 Batteries for monitor
  • 1 lens port of your choice


Additional Port Options:

  • Canon 15-35mm RF flat port with focus and zoom control
  • Canon 15-35mm RF 8″ dome port with focus and zoom control
  • Tokina 11-20 CINE with focus, iris and zoom control
  • Leica-R 24mm f2.8, 35mm f2, 50mm f2 with focus and iris control
  • Canon 24-105mm RF flat port with focus and zoom control
  • Canon 24-105mm EF flat port with focus and zoom control


Recommended Setup:

  • Canon 15-35mm RF for tack sharp images
  • Leica-R lens work for high-end cinema work


Optional extras:

  • Surface monitoring system from housing to dry SDI end (45m)\


Note: Full camera / housing packages available here

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