RED V-RAPTOR Modular Housing


Modular Water Housing System for RED V-RAPTOR

Configurable with Lens Motor Modules.

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This is a new modular housing setup that allows you to configure the housing to suit different monitor setups, as well as add ‘lens motor modules’ to extent the front of the housing to accomodate lens motors.

The housing is designed to accomodate both EF lenses as well as larger PL and LPL lenses.

We have ports for various cinema lenses included Cooke Panchros and Signature Primes.

The price includes the full kit listed below.

We are unable to seperate modules, and housing is only available to purchase as the full kit.


  • Housing shell
  • Monitor back for Portkeys BM5 and other similar sized monitors
  • ‘Dumb’ Back for use without a monitor
  • Basic front module, for use with manual control ports
  • 100mm lens motor module
  • 150mm lens motor module
  • Control panel
  • Custom paint colour of your choice (multi-colour paint schemes are not possible with this housing)
  • CNC machined aluminium base plate and stainless mounting hardware
  • CNC machined aluminium dual handle video grips with ODI VANS grips (various colours available)
  • ‘CINE’ port front module


The housing has full physical control of the camera, including

  • ON/OFF Switch
  • MENU
  • BACK
  • 8x Custom Buttons
  • 2x M16 bulkhead threads

The BM5 monitor back also features controls for:

  • ON/OFF Switch
  • F1 Button
  • F2 Button
  • F3 Button
  • F4 Button
  • EXIT
  • MENU Dial

Options Kippertie STRATA ND Control.


CNC machined from 6061 billet aluminium then anodised and painted. All buttons and hardware are 316 stainless steel, providing superior corrosion resistance.


Camera Configuration

Our RED® V-RAPTOR™ housing is designed to work with following configurations:

  • 1x Micro V-Lock Battery up to 100mm in depth
  • OPTIONAL: Portkeys BM5WR Monitor (with D-Tap to Lemo Cable)

The housing can be configured with either a ‘Dumb Back’ (no monitor) or with a back to suit the Portkeys BM5WR monitor.

The Compact Back allows for a 40mm shorter housing, ideal for compact remote rigged scenarios, or for use with an external monitor.

Note, the monitor is not included with the monitor back.

As standard the housing is configured with our CINE Port Front Module, which allows the fitment of our CINE style ports with manual lens controls on the lens port itself.

You can also choose to add our Lens Motor Modules (LMM), which extends the front of the housing allowing for fitment of cforce mini lens motors. A LMM and appropriate WCU-4 cabling you can have full wired lens control up to 30m away.

There are two different lengths of LMM.

LMM-1 is a shorter module designed for lenses with the control rings closer to the mount, such as a Cooke Anamorphic. LMM-2 is a longer module, designed for lenses with the control rings further down the lens, such as a ARRI Signature Prime.

The LMM houses C-Force Mini lens motors, and then you can choose different ports depending on the total length of the lens.



Our RED V-RAPTOR Modular housing ships with our ‘CINE’ port system, which suits lenses up to 120mm diameter, which includes most cinema lenses.

Custom ports are available at request, including dome ports and zoom/focus ports.

The front element in all our ports is replaceable in less than 30 seconds by simply unscrewing the front locking ring and dropping in a replacement acrylic screen we offer for purchase. So no more spending hours buffing scratched ports!



The housing ships with two side handle grips. These are CNC machined from 6061 aluminium, and offer a very comfortable ODI Vans BMX grip.

There are several grip mounting points provided on the housing, allowing users to setup the handles to suit their individual requirement. The grips can be positioned at various locations along the housing, in high-mode or low-mode, and/or offset from each other.

The grips are removable with an Allen key for easy transporting of the housing.


Depth Rating: 10m/33ft

Weight: Approx. 7kg (Compact form), up to 10kg (with LMM2).


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