RED DSMC2 Camera Housing

We offer underwater housings for RED Raven, Scarlet-W, Epic-W, Weapon and Monstro cameras.

All cameras share the DSMC2 form factor, and all work in the same housing!

Our RED DSMC2 Housings are now shipping:

RED DSMC2 Housing


After tonnes of research, and discussions with RED bomb squad reps & REDUSER forum members, we have configured what we believe to be the most suitable, lightweight RED DSMC2 setup for the water that still provides full monitoring capabilities and controls.

Our RED DSMC2 housing is design for the following configuration:

  • RED DSMC2 Brain
  • DSMC2 Redvolt XL Module
  • Redvolt XL Battery
  • DSMC2 Sidekick
  • DSMC2 Red Touch 4.7″ LCD
  • Wooden Camera Pogo to Pogo Cable (TBA)

All the components mount neatly onto a custom aluminium base plate, with the Wooden Camera Pogo cable allowing the monitor to be placed behind the battery rather than mounting directly on top of the camera brain. This setup allows the housing design to be as slim, light and streamlined as possible yet still providing ample power, monitoring and controls.

However, the housing will also allow the fitment of selected V-lock batteries with the use of a Wooden Camera cableless v-lock module or the RED V-Lock Battery Module.

Measured from the back of the camera, the module and battery cannot extend rearward more than 92mm, and, measured from the top of the camera, cannot extend upward more than 20mm.

All the components mount neatly onto a custom aluminium base plate, with the Pogo cable allowing the monitor to be placed behind the battery providing a slim, lightweight and streamlined housing.

The Revolt XL battery can be changed without removing the camera from the baseplate. Simply slide out the baseplate from the housing, tilt the monitor forward, and swap the battery out.

All our housings, including our RED housings, are CNC machined billet aluminium, anodised and then powder coated in textured satin black. They feature stainless steel button controls and interchangeable aluminium lens ports,

Our RED DSMC2  housing is front loading, with a clear acrylic port faceplate secured by 8 stainless steel wingnuts. The camera and monitor are mounted to an aluminium base plate that slides neatly into the housing shell.

The housing provides full control of the Sidekick via stainless buttons and aluminium dials, and monitoring of the 4.7inch screen via an acrylic rear screen.

The interchangeable port system suits lenses up to 120mm diameter including the Zeiss CP.2 cine lens.

We can custom build ports for any lens!

Of course we can still design and build you a water housing for whatever RED configuration you currently have planned. It just takes a bit longer and costs a bit more than our stock housing.

Custom RED water housings take approximately 10 weeks, and cost between AUD$7000 – $9000 (approx. US$5000 – 6500) depending on the configuration you require.



Housings are now shipping!

RED DSMC2 Housing