Rent – RED DSMC2 Surf Housings

We have two rental options available for RED DSMC2 cameras.

Our compact DSMC2 housing, and our DMSC2 I/O housing.

Both housings work with the Raven, Scarlet-W, Epic-W, Weapon, and DSMC2 (Gemini, Helium & Monstro) cameras.


The DSMC2 housing is great for action shots or where a compact housing is required.

The I/O housing provides opportunity for larger monitors and SDI output.


Both come with leak detection systems fitted, for peace of mind.


The I/O housing can be optioned with a SDI bulkhead and waterproof cabling, providing directors monitoring.

15m and 45m cables available.


Various ports, including Leica-R CINE-MOD available.


Rates from AUD500/day or $1500/week.